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Top 9 Car Customization Apps For Android And iOS


In this blog we will see 9 Best Car Customization Apps. So installing the best car customization apps makes your smartphone more useful if you are more into self-custom, maintenance and improvement. Thus most of these apps come with a lot of features to improve your car in many ways. It also includes the latest auto toe updates, information, news, tips and tricks and games. Top 9 Car Customization Apps For Android And iOS.

Thus many startups and developers are competing to launch the best auto custom apps for Android and iOS users. Which comes as no surprise that both Google Play and the App Store are now flooded with these apps. Then if you are looking for trusted apps, keep reading.

Top 9 Car Customization Apps For Android And iOS List Below

1. FormaCar

This app is a unique automotive platform. So every car enthusiast should download. Thus the app offers many features to support your hobby. Such as news updates, catalogs and tuning simulators from around the world. In addition, it enables you to communicate with friends and experts for advice on your favorite topics. Also not to mention you can customize the car in 3D mode.

Also thanks to the 3D configurator that comes with the app. The configuration presents in attractive graphics for accurate and authentic configuration. To give a more realistic experience after that, this application supports ugly augmented reality mode. Then lets you see the car, the wheels and the tuning in reality. Then you just need to find the desired area and direct it to your smartphone.

2. 3D Tuning

So 3D tuning allows you to modify and align with lots of features like changing the exterior color, painting the car, upgrading the suspension level and many more. Thus with the wide range of car options, you will never get bored using this app.

As well as find your favorite car brands and models from its collection library. In addition the app prides itself on the newest and most popular cars of this century without limiting itself to specific brands or manufacturing countries. Then just don’t offer a huge selection of cars. As such it also offers a unique collection of grilles, tail lamps, front and rear bumpers, grilles, mirrors, fenders and much more. The limit then is your own creativity.

3. Fix My Car: Custom Mods LITE

If you want in this app, customize the car of your choice with the professional car custom app. So this application has been developed by FireRabbit. Thus it has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Google Play Store. As well as with this app, you can upgrade your favorite car as a street racer. This free version then lets you complete the project by viewing the ads. Through which you need to be patient for it.

Also in the app you will need to upgrade a racing car and make it suitable for racing. So this discovery helps to improve your mechanical skills. This way you can learn more about car customs and mods and not to mention it. You will then learn how to custom, modify and install parts in real life.

Thus in the app you will have fun finding tools and how to use them, ordering parts and converting cars from zero to hero. As well as many other features that have been brought to you. Then there are cold weather detection, built-in hint system and after market parts. Thus if you upgrade to the full version, you will be able to enjoy all the hints and objectives.

4. Car Mechanic Simulator 18

This app free app may be the right choice for Android and iOS users. So who needs to emulate car custom and research. Thus the developer, Playway SA and the app is designed with many features to help you improve your skills in auto toe custom and upgrade. As well as a well-designed interface and amazing graphics that make it look more real.

With this app you can find classic cars inside the old pantry. Then choose the car of your choice and be ready to show your mechanical skills. Try your best to repair the engine, gearbox, chassis and brakes to give the car a second life. Also don’t forget to remove the car and apply putty to give the car a new face. Thus last touch, repaint the exterior with your favorite color.

5. NFS Heat Studio

So the N.F.S. Hit Studio is that. Which you can collect and customize amazing racing cars, thanks to a collection of weekly drops. Thus you need to log in to the EA account to get the custom designs. As well as once you get the design, you will be ready to customize the car.

This way you can find the Car tab in the app. So it helps you to access all the vehicles. Through which it also has a showroom facility and a section where you can display custom cars of your choice. Then if you want to find the most release, just go to the Containers tab. There is also a wonderful app. It then lets you own as many cars as you want and customize them as you wish.

6. Overdrive City

This app is a custom application of this car, developed by Gameloft. So you can not just build and collect favorite cars. Thus you can also build a dream car town and become a businessman. As well as Overdrive City comes with plenty of features to give you a pleasant and different experience of upgrading famous cars and producing your own car parts.

Through which Overdrive City lets you create more than 50 popular car models. Such as Ford, Porsche, Lamborghini and many other top brands. Then you can also make car parts. Best of all, you will be able to express yourself and customize the creative car as your only limitation.

7. Car Master 3D

In this app, it gets over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. So it becomes one of the suggested car modification apps for Android and iOS. Thus in the application, you will play the role of a mechanic who can best serve your customers. There are many other things to do. As with car washing and cleaning, choose the right color for the exterior and refill your tools. Then Car Master 3D is a light and fun choice to install.

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