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Top 9 Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS For Free


We will see in this blog 9 Best Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS. So teaching sight words to children is not an easy task. Thus the good news, best sight words apps give parents and teachers a great way to help children learn high frequency sight words on a mobile device. Through which these applications are specifically designed to promote easy reading and memory. Top 9 Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS For Free.

In addition repetition is the key to successful vision word learning. So there is a huge selection of apps that provide similar words and different exercises to keep your kids busy during practice. Then let’s take a closer look at the app choices available in the market.

This way you scroll to the App Store or Google Play Store. As well as that you have to face a huge selection of sight words apps. So those choices confuse you. You’ve come to the right page. Then we’ve collected the best tools to teach your kids high frequency vision words in a fun and engaging way.

Top 9 Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS For Free List Below

1. Kids Reading Sight Words Lite

This is a tour of Tammy the Frog exciting activities. So join Tammy and learn some visual words as he jumps between screens. As well as five different levels available for the child to promote intuitive and engaging learning.

Also designed for Android, this app encourages your kids to hear common English words and recognize the correct words. They will then also learn to recognize high frequency vision words at their level. Not to mention that it helps improve children’s reading skills and reading flow.

Then the Kids Reading Site Words app is ideal for kindergarten kids up to 8 years old. Thus suitable for children and parents. Thanks to the clean layout by which they need distraction free games. In addition your children will not see unnecessary images or hear unnecessary noises, including cluttered ads.

2. Sight Words Learning Games

Looking at this app, getting your kids ready for reading can be daunting. So to help with the children’s reading program and how they progress. Try Site Words Learning Games to see it this way. As well as this free app is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. Which is ready to increase their reading ability.

Also in the app you can find categories like word machine, spelling, bingo and memory games. Then with different games available, learning to read and new vocabulary becomes more fun and enjoyable. So for that millions of parents have downloaded this app to support their children’s reading success.

3. Sight Words Coach

Looking into this app, Sight Words Coach is a top rated, free sight words app. Which emphasizes quick identification. So with this app claims a dramatic difference in your kids with five minutes of practice every day.

In addition the app provides your children with frequently used essential visual words in the English language. So feel your kids, featuring colorful graphics. Which is so much fun to learn to read. Thus a large collection of sounds and animations is also available for reading and learning.

Also interesting about the app is that it analyzes words that need more work. So automatically create a list containing 10 different words. As well as what your kids need to try harder. Then your kids master all the common words. Which is a great way to make sure.

4. Sight Words Sentence Builder

If you look into this app, it is Sight Words Builder which is probably the best Sight Words game for Android. This app therefore encourages students to study Dolch sight words in context for their reading success in school. Thus with a simple and intuitive interface, this fun game is hard to resist.

In addition children with the game can use the given words to combine short sentences. As well as making it more fun, each player receives audio and visual feedback. Through which they know whether their action is true or not. Then once the player responds correctly, they can move on to the next step.

5. Sight Words Pre-K to Grade 3

If you want in this app, brought to you by Edubuzzkids, this educational game app is perfect for preschool grade 3. So Dolch Vision helps your children learn about words as well as nouns for successful learning. Thus students can only learn spelling .. as well as they can recognize frequently used words in the English language.

Then a list of 220 Dolch sight words is standard in this tool. Through which you can also find a separate list of 95 nouns for better identification. So with regular practice, your children are expected to recognize sounds. It is then able to put words into syllables.

6. Sight Words Flash Cards Free

This app may be the best visual word flash cards app for interactive and exciting learning. The educational tool is therefore designed to stimulate kindergarteners and first graders to learn and practice common vision words. Thus with a fun learning experience, children are expected to get better results.

Flash cards are also one of the most effective language learning tools for native speakers. As well as this is a sleek flashcard with sleek graphics in the Sight Word app. Which helps learners identify frequently used visual words and improve their reading skills.

7. Sight Words & Phonic Reading

In this app, the Sight Word app designed for children aged 2-8 includes more than 500 reading games in one. So abundant activities and exciting reading missions provide a fun and exciting way to prepare your children for advanced reading in school.

Through which vision words and phonetic reading is a comprehensive reading program. As well as allow your children to learn through games. The app then brings the necessary reading skills through letter recognition, letter-sound relation, sound awareness, spelling, sight words and much more.

It has many features including fun and educational activities, step-by-step reading paths, sound effects, voice-over and animation and offline games. Then it also has a child-friendly design. Which makes it easy to use.

8. Sight Words List

If you want in this app, if you are looking for a simple fun and custom educational tool then vision is like trying out a list of words. Well designed for the iPhone, this game app brings Dolch vision words. Thus encouraging your children to learn common words in English.

In addition vision words have been divided into different age groups to help young readers identify high frequency words for successful reading. Through which your children will also like voice artists, unique games and customizable fonts.

9. Sight Words Reading Games ABC

If you look at this app, kids naturally like sports. So adopting popular fun games to help children learn visual words can be the best way to ensure their reading success. Thus the educational application includes 6 different games. As well as useful for enhancing children’s reading skills. Such as bingo, memory game, spelling and word machine.

In addition games are thought to be effective in helping young learners to recognize visual words quickly. Through which they can master these high frequency words. Which is ready for the next step towards better reading improvement. Top 9 Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS For Free.

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