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Top 8 Slideshow Apps for Android And iOS In 2021

In this blog we will see 8 Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iOS. So after an invaluable moment with friends and family, chances are you have a lot of photos on your device. Thus creating a special slideshow is the best way to enjoy each photo without opening it one by one. As well as being added with background music, memorable events are getting better on your memories. Through which you are interested in making someone. Finding the best slideshow apps can be a good start. Top 8 Slideshow Apps for Android And iOS In 2021.

In addition, there are many such applications. Which comes with the ability to create slideshows. Through which only a few of them are reliable for creating impressive slideshow videos. As well as for this reason, you need a choice in search of apps. So if you need help, this is the right place for you. So there will be 8 recommended slideshow apps. Which works well on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Top 8 Slideshow Apps for Android And iOS In 2021 List Below

1. VivaVideo

When accessing this app to Instagram and other social networks, you can often find videos with vivacious watermarks. So this is more than enough to say the popularity of Vivavideo. This app has millions of users worldwide. Thus it has been one of the favorite video editing apps. Also, you can’t just edit videos. You can then create slideshow videos from the photos on your device.

Then this professional editing app comes with a lot of features for creating videos. It then allows you to adjust the trim, merge and speed control for best results. You can also add texts, transitions, music and themes to make the slide show more memorable. Not to mention the special effects that will enhance your videos.

2. PicPlayPost

As one of the well-known and widely used apps, PicPlayPost comes with an intuitive interface and an easy-to-use package. So you can’t just create a slideshow video. You can also create photo collages and GIFs. Thus the slideshow creator helps you explore your creativity and wrap all the precious photo collection in a memorable video.

PicPlayPost then has several features to upgrade your slideshow creation experience. Aside from being an intuitive program, it also supports high resolution output. Thus the app comes with a wide range of effects to expand your slideshow video. Since then it has limited options for music.

3. MoShow

If you are looking for this app, you are looking for a 4.5 star app and MoShow is worth considering. So this slideshow maker is easy to use. This allows new beginners and newcomers to create their first slideshow video. As well as yet, it has a lot of features. Which you can explore for impressive and remarkable video.

One of the best features brought by MoShow App is the sleek styles. Which makes your videos viewable. It also comes with multiple innovations such as mixed transitions, mixed text, as well as instant previews. Before finishing the project, at least the specified video enables you to see how you feel.

4. SlideLab

This app is a great app for creating exclusive slideshow videos. So SlideLab allows you to add photos from your camera or gallery to significant videos. Thus the app works great for beginners it does not require many steps to create a slideshow. When the video is ready, you can choose to save it on a mobile device or share it with friends on social networks.

There are so many things to love in this slidelab app. So it comes with the best filters to enhance your video. This allows you to select background music from your device or app. The video will automatically adjust if you want to upload to Instagram. So that your friends can enjoy it to the best of their ability. As well as that it gives you lots of transitions for a better slideshow.

5. Pic Flow

If you look in this app, you are a kind of person and use the same features. So Pic Flow can be a great choice. Thus the best slideshow app does not come with a lot of features. Which makes it work hard enough to create a special slideshow. You can then get the best out of the features available. At which time you can enjoy a simple interface.

Then despite its limited features, Pic Flow gives you plenty of control over the program. Which allows you to schedule each uploaded photo. You can also arrange photos to your favorite tunes. So that means you can choose at what time to show the picture. Thus the interesting thing is that it can match the background music.

6. Photo Slideshow Director

This app comes with impressive slideshows. Also Photo Slideshow Director is a great slideshow maker app for iPhone and iPad. So comes with plenty of features. Which just helps turn your photo collection on your iPad or iPhone into a significant slideshow. Then the ability to add a musical background makes your video more memorable.

In addition Photo Slideshow Director has many things to upgrade your creativity. The app then supports unlimited slides and unlimited songs for a slideshow. It also enables you to automatically sync photo slides with music. Not to mention the customized transition and display for specific slideshow videos then. So interesting is that you can save videos as HD movie.

7. Video Maker & Photo Slideshow

In this app, the user-friendly interface makes Video Maker and Photo Slides the slideshow app of choice for newcomers. So the combination of advanced tools and simple interface allows beginners to explore their creativity and at the same time upgrade their skills. Thus not to mention that it comes with many features and you can get more out of it.

As well as the slideshow creator has a lot of filters, photo effects and frames. As well as enabling you to add photos to various folders, music and transitions. Then Video Maker and Photo Slideshow are only available on Play Store.

8. Scoompa Video

This Scoompa Video App is the best slideshow app. So only works well on Android and iOS. Thus the application is designed especially for the advanced and experienced editor. As well as explaining the advanced features, customizing options and excellent menu that come with the app. Whether you want to create a slideshow for entertainment purposes or for business, the Scoompa video can be a great tool to help you.

After that, unlike many other slideshow apps, Scoompa Video can be used offline. Which also produces excellent photo quality with interactive programs. Then it’s easy to share your masterpiece and thanks for that social media support.

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