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Top 10 Latest Horror Games in 2022 New year Special


We will see in this blog 10 Best Horror Games That Might Make You Re-experience Your Nightmares. So games, one of the best things that have blessed us with smartphones, are divided into many genres. Through which over time, as smartphones are getting smarter and stronger, games are also improving visually. As well as the current pay generation horror games are real enough to give a few people a goosebumps and cool. Top 10 Latest Horror Games in 2022 New year Special.

The first half of 2020 saw 28.5 billion downloads worldwide, according to a report published by Censor Data. Statista’s other data then indicates that globally, 15.2 billion smartphone games were downloaded. That includes 12.4 billion downloads from the Google Play Store alone.

Top 10 Latest Horror Games in 2022 New year Special list below

1. Horrorfield

Looking at this app, the top mobile horror games include 7 different survivor characters with a unique skill. So the game focuses on team-building, surviving against psycho with strategies and alliances. You can also play as four different psychologists. You can then hunt it down before your enemies flee.

Also save the game to avoid the psycho trying to slaughter you. Whose manic state makes you a psycho trying to prey on the victims. Then play as one of the 7 survivors with different skill sets. As well as being a brave mercenary with high moral values, you kill enemies.

2. Dead by Daylight Mobile

This Dead by Daylight App is a gore and horror game. Which will surely make you restless, scared and terrified. The cool atmosphere of the game is more awesome than you expected. So this is one of the best horror games on Android and iOS. As well as these top co-horror games there are also iconic characters from classic horror movies.

So play as one of the iconic horror movie characters involved in these good horror games. Then this one cooperative horror game lets you play with four players living together. The Deep Progress system includes randomly generated maps, customizable characters and more. As well as the cool atmosphere will surely give you happier and more unexpected moments.

3. Endless Nightmare

This app contains scary nightmares in one of the free scary games apps. So have you ever wondered what happens if the ghost in your dreams catches you? Then this game may be the perfect thing for you. As well as this game tests you on many stages including fear, loss, grief and death. Thus James, as a police officer, you must not only escape but investigate the murder of James’ daughter and mother.

So the game Du night in 3D gives the dream world and can deceive the eyes. As well as you also have to focus on the sound and if you see a mad woman, you better run. Then collect parts and build a taser gun to attack your enemies. Thus the game is free and can be played even without internet.

4. Slendrina: The Cellar 2

This Slendrina’s App has been waiting for you in the dark basement for a long time. So it makes sense for you to go back and search for it before it finds you. So be careful, Slendrina is not alone this time! Her mother and baby are helping Slendrina this time. Then trying to hunt you down before you find 8 hidden books. Only books can save you from the wrath of Slendrina.

Also this sequel to Slendrina: The Sailor brings you terrifying and difficult challenges. As well as exploring the dark cellar while escaping the horrors of Slendrina, her baby and her mother. Then fly it offline and play for free. Then find 8 books to unravel the mysteries that have been buried for years. Then finally run surprise attacks to disappoint your enemies and survive.

5. Sinister Edge

This Sinister Edge app has been downloaded over 2 million times. So have received the Google Editors Choice Awards for 2017 and 2018. Thus the horror game not only annoys your screen, but you can also use VR to feel intimidated up close. The game then incorporates amazing 3D graphics and an exciting experience. Which will annoy you throughout the gameplay.

So run the free demo version for you to experience and experience that thrill. As well as amazing 3D graphics you will be tormented by spine-chilling fear and you need to solve puzzles to survive. With which VR mode, play the way you are living the game and this game also supports external game controllers.

6. Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak

If you look at this apocalypse, it has already happened, and now it is left. The corpses moving! The organization BIOCORP, which fights the spread of the “dead virus”, has given you an important task to save humanity. So your tasks include connecting with colleagues and collecting DNA samples. Thus DNA samples are the only key to revealing what could be causing the rage caused by the “dead virus”.

Complete your mission while fighting zombies in this app and there are simple zombies, and then there are zombie bosses! Be careful. So the game supports languages ​​like English, Spanish, Italian, French and more. As well as the behavior of different zombies is different, be careful. Also play online with up to 6 PVP members.

7. Bigfoot Monster Hunter

If you look in this app, he is a beast and your job as a player is to find him. So the monster-like monster is going to make it harder. Thus you have to attack his weaknesses together with other players. As well as searching for monsters, you will find many other wild animals along the way. Through which the fight will be a tough and scary, of course.

8. The Darkest Woods 2

This app focuses on the main protagonist stuck in a horror detective story psychiatric hospital. So nothing bothers you except boring sounds and dead darkness, the game makes it difficult for you to survive. As well as there are secrets hidden everywhere. Which you need to solve if you want to survive to the end of the game.

9. Evil Nun 2

If you look at this Evil Nun app, it’s back and this time it’s stronger. So this game is going to make your bad dreams come true in the form of a good mobile game. Thus to survive in the game, you will need a stealth strategy to hide from the creatures and from the nun trying to hunt you down.

10. Granny

If you look in this app, somehow, Grandma has locked you inside her house. So he doesn’t even sleep, just patrolling different corners of the house to make sure you can’t escape. Thus you have to keep an eye on his movements while looking for a way to escape from his trap. Then he catches you, waiting for the brutal death.

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