Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps 2024

Some of the Instagram follower  tracking apps for 2024 include; these help users monitor, as well as analyze their follower growth, and engagement with even demographic data. These are some of the best Instagram follower tracking apps for 2024


One of its features includes tracker for followers in Phantombuster, an all-in-one Instagram growth and automation tool. It has proven to be a tool through which you can get many followers on instagram without having to give efforts and also offers valuable analytics used in instagram marketing.


Besides multi-account social media management, Iconosquare is a fantastic app that provides detailed analysis specifically about Instagram. It has a support system that tracks key indicators such as engagement rate, followers’ rate of increase and reach per post.


Hootsuite :

Hootsuite is a complete social media management platform encompassing Instagram Analytics. This implies that it can produce performance information coming from popular networks like Instagram together with others making it easy to comprehend reports and evaluations.


Instagram Insights:

Among other things, Instagram Insights is one built-in feature of the account professional on Instagram. It gives basic insights stated above into audience demographics, post-performance and engagement metrics as well as provide essential tools for tracking followers on instagram.


Unfollowers Reports & Analytics:


Reports on Unfollowers and Analytics is an application that gives a comprehensive report of the people who unfollowed you as well as ghost followers. It aids in following the number of its followers and singling out those inactive or non-engaging followers.


Analyzer Plus- Insta Follower:

Another Instagram follower tracking app is Analyzer Plus- Insta Follower. One can get to know about engagement rates, metrics such as followers gained and lost, among others.


Crowdfire :


Crowdfire is more than just an Instagram followers tracker. It’s a social media management tool that allows you to monitor all of your social media accounts and schedule posts from one place. While it doesn’t really give you good insight into people who’ve recently followed, unfollowed, or blocked your account, it does help you engage better with your current followers.


Ghosthunter :

Anytime the majority of your supporters are either spam accounts or ghosts – you lose credibility. Therefore when monitoring these accounts on the page, one should ensure that some measures are taken towards deleting them. GhostHunter is one way through which this can be done! Spam or ghosts can be removed so that your account stays forever protected.

Ghosthunter checks your subscribers list from time to time deleting all inactive accounts including both spammers and marketers’ profiles thus ensuring great spread of information about you on Instagram with repeated comments from all over the world .

By tidying up your list of followers, you will have more genuine engagements without unnecessary posts from fake accounts. It is also very simple to operate as well. Just type in your username, select the removal options that suit you and it cleans your profile. You can also decide to put on account protection for future use so that it never bothers you again.


Followers & Unfollowers :


Followers & Unfollowers allows you to get insights about your Inta profile and begin managing your followers more effectively. The app also has some tools for detection and deletion of fake followers thus making sure that the account is healthy and real.
It’s possible to unfollow up to 50 users who do not follow back using bulk unfollowing, so there’s no need to waste time analyzing followers or making decisions. White listing allows protection of an important follower from being unfollowed hence they are not ever unfollowed.
With a single glance at this app, one gets to know mutual people among friends, current non-followers and those who recently unfollowed his/her account too. There is also multi-account login where one can switch between different Instagram accounts if he/she has multiple ones.

This application can be found in android devices hence one can easily access it. Though free during download but there are some in-app purchases that one may buy for unlocking additional features.


Data Jam :


This fascinating application can let you look at other people’s Instagram anonimously. You will be able to see the likes, followers, comments, and posts of others without following them. For instance, you can find out who follows someone on Instagram or how many times they liked a post from that account. It is helpful for business accounts to know what their target audience admires about similar posts by their competitor.

You get permission to two person’s comments with full text as well as deleted comments. Find out recently followed users and check those they have unfollowed just not to repeat the same mistakes.

The same applies to stories too. Even after 24 hours you can still watch any user’s story regardless of its deletion time. Watch it or download it on your device as you wish. Also, there are individuals who like one profile but do not follow it yet you can see them all anonymously.
As for similar apps, you could also use this one analyze yourself in terms of: who likes me the most often; which accounts unfollow me; and who watches my stories and posts? Data jam has a free trial that lasts for only one day and is accessible via any internet browser


Followmeter :


Here’s an Instagram tool that’s both beautiful and user-friendly. It has all the information you want about your Instagram account, displayed in one dashboard. You can find out all information about your profile, or look at detailed data on your profile’s engagements..

Easily unfollower  those accounts that are harming your credibility or see your best performing posts at a glance. You also get deep analytics for post likes and comments as well as insights on your stories. You’ll see who follows you the most closely, but you can also see who watches your stories without following you. This helps you to better reach an audience that may not have converted yet.

Best and worst posts could be viewed in terms of being-liked or not commented on or viewed at all; either in terms of most/least rated or most/least commented on best/worst posts can be determined by combining the ratings with the comments given. Attractive graphs and charts will enable one have a look at how his/her account is growing.


Conclusion :


These programs may be used by users of Instagram to examine their follower base, monitor growth in followers, recognize directions in participation and also decide how should they optimize their strategies for Instagram. While selecting an Instagram follower tracking program; it is important to consider what specific functionalities it has, how easy it would be for you to use it and whether it is compatible with your device or OS.

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